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Cleanawater started out offering water treatment in Melbourne and now leads the Australian market in water treatment system design, manufacture, installation and servicing.

D4 Data

D4 Data

D4 Data supplies water analysis equipment, water analysis software & associated services. Software includes Aqua Data. Test equipment includes Palintest & LaMotte photometers and test reagents. Services includes photometer repairs & calibration.

ImPOS Online

Specialising in point of sale equipment and software, ImPOS online develop the hardware, conifgure the solution and install the POS system into your business, whatever the size and needs. They also provide quality and reliable ongoing help and suppor...

Industrial Test Systems (ITS)

Industrial Test Systems Inc (ITS) established in 1989, is a leading manufacturer of instruments and chemistries designed to test water quality parameters. ITS developed over 70 tests and proprietary chemistries - many covered by US patents and ETV/U...

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Palintest Australia & Asia Pacific

Palintest is a leading manufacturer of pool and spa water quality testing instruments and test tablet reagents, including photometers, comparators and test strips. Accurate testing equipment for all applications commercial pools, pool shops and resid...

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Pool & Spa Poppits

Pool & Spa Poppits

Pool & Spa Poppits manufactures and markets the Poppit brand of chlorine-free pool & spa chemicals. The company operates in every state and territory in Australia and New Zealand. Made in Australia, Poppit products are simple, safe & effective. The P

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Poolworx Pty Ltd t/a Orimatech

Poolworx Pty Ltd t/a Orimatech

Commercial pool equipment: Dolphin automatic pool cleaners, MacBall pool blankets, Poolie's Pal blanket winch, Antiwave lane ropes and products, Lovibond photometers and tablets, pool inflatables, magic sponge

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Sanda Pool Systems - Domestic Pool Analysis Software

Sanda Pool Systems - Domestic Pool Analysis Software

Water analysis software for pool retail after sales service shops.

The software enables you to select any chemicals, any chemical targets and work the test order and treatment order in any order that suits you and your business.

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Statewide Aquatics NSW

Suppliers of pool equipment to the commercial aquatic industry.- we supply everything from Bulk Dry Chemicals, Testing Equipment Palintest Photometers & Tablets, Swimming Pool Signage, Pool Inflatables & Telescopic Handles Scoops &
Pool Rakes.

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