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Supplier of LaMotte brand pool and spa water testing products. Range includes Insta-Test test strips, ColorQ photometer kits, TestTabs DPD test tablets and Tracer salt testers....

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AquaChek Pool & Spa Test Strips is the world leading brand of pool and spa test strips, highly regarded for their accuracy and convenience using the innovative technology used of the AquaChek TruTest Digital Test Strip Reader and FastChek Pro in-stor...

D4 Data

D4 Data

D4 Data supplies water analysis equipment, water analysis software & associated services. Software includes Aqua Data. Test equipment includes Palintest & LaMotte photometers and test reagents. Services includes photometer repairs & calibration.

Palintest Australia & Asia Pacific

Palintest is a leading manufacturer of pool and spa water quality testing instruments and test tablet reagents, including photometers, comparators and test strips. Accurate testing equipment for all applications commercial pools, pool shops and resid...

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Pool & Spa Poppits

Pool & Spa Poppits

Pool & Spa Poppits manufactures and markets the Poppit brand of chlorine-free pool & spa chemicals. The company operates in every state and territory in Australia and New Zealand. Made in Australia, Poppit products are simple, safe & effective. The P

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