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AGent Sales & Services Pty Ltd

AGent Sales & Services Pty Ltd

Agent Sales is a manufacturer and major supplier of a diverse range of specialty chemicals to both the commercial and residential swimming pool and spa market, including a complete range of liquid and granular sanitisers, algaecides and balancers. Th

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Aquabrite Systems Pty Ltd

Manufacturer of the Aquamatics/Aquabrite fresh water pool disinfection system. Aquamatics is Australian-owned has been successfully satisfying pool owners for more than 30 years with the safest and most enjoyable pool water a sanitising system can pr...

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Pool & Spa Poppits

Pool & Spa Poppits

Pool & Spa Poppits manufactures and markets the Poppit brand of chlorine-free pool & spa chemicals. The company operates in every state and territory in Australia and New Zealand. Made in Australia, Poppit products are simple, safe & effective. The P

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Watertech Services International

Watertech Services International Pty Ltd (WSI) was established in 1998 and is based in Queensland. It manufactures, sells and distributes Enviroswim freshwater sanitising systems worldwide....